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THE ART OF THE CON. A Custom Marked Deck. Printed by USPCC

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      Andy Kurovets


      Welcome to ART OF THE CON Deck, an artistic project Inspired By The Famous Con Artists.
      ART OF THE CON Playing Cards is a deck of cards that is both functional and beautiful. Immerse yourself in the ART OF THE CON world with daring con artists and formidable villains.
      We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it!

      Idea & story
      Do you know who is a king of con artists?
      Who sold the Eiffel tower? Twice

      Victor Lustig
      He convinced the scrap metal dealers that the upkeep of the Eiffel tower was too much for Paris and that the goverment wished to sell it for scrap. He sold them the Eiffel tower. TWICE

      The history of playing cards is closely connected with con artsits, gamblers and scammers. Playing cards were often used to make money fast.
      The idea of creating these cards is to combine the system of marking cards on the back side and portraits of famous con artists, gamblers and scammers of the 16th-20th centuries on the court cards

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