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    Kevan Seaney

    I’m a little “old school” when it comes to collecting playing cards. My main focus is Congress 606, although I do have a few newer decks. My biggest concern nowadays, strictly as an observer, and not to discourage or talk bad about our hobby (if you will) is what seems to be a massive influx of different decks these days. While they are the “hot buys” of today, as a collector I am unsure how these will hold up against Father Time. I’m always wary of “special edition”, “collectors item”, or any other associated phrases and buzz words attached to something trying to be marketed as “collectible”. Now, this doesn’t necessarily translate over into the playing card market as much. Having said that, I really do think there are some great established as well as up and coming designers out there. My biggest fear with this niche (if you will) is akin to the baseball and football card market of the late 1980s to early 1990s. When Pro Set, Action Packed, Stadium Club, etc. came into the market, the collection I had at the time was probably valued between $2,500 and $4,500. When the influx hit, my whole collection lost about 75% of its value. I got $500 for my entire collection. If you collect for the sake of collecting, that’s great, keep doing it. If you’re looking to them as an investment or to turn a profit, please be vigilant.

    I’m probably going to receive a lot of push back on this, and I welcome discussion on this. I’m not looking to bash anyone here and would like the same in return

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