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      David Niederauer

      I live in wonderful Los Gatos, California. I am 76 years old. Since I retired I have rekindled my interest in magic and cards. I started magic at age 6 but pretty much lost interest when I turned 15 (I got a car and discovered girls). Now I am mostly “collecting” magic and cards and doing very little performing. My slight of hand skills aren’t what they used to be. Small hands and arthritis means you won’t see me doing many flourishes.

      I love many of the fantastic new deck themes and designs today. For a magician a deck should not look confusing or odd to the spectator. I want the spectator to concentrate on the “magic”. I love the bright colors. I don’t like black or dark faces on cards. I like crispy and not smudgy. I really dislike words and especially logos on the card backs. I’m a bit tired of skulls, bones, zombies and the like (maybe a couple of small skulls is ok). I think the whole “Dark” thing is overdone. I want “happy”.

      I don’t like a one-way back unless it is thoughtfully hidden. Marked decks and Gaff Cards fascinate me. I have a collection of marked cards but unfortunately they are of little use: My eysite ain’t what it used to be. There are s few I can see and I’m still adding to my collection. My favorite deck is the Standard Bicycle Face with the Paris Back.

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      Glad to have you back in this community! Magic is a great hobby to have especially at your age being retired. Must have a lot of time for practicing :D. And i feel your pain, literally, on the arthritis as I also have carpal tunnel and arthritis only being 24. I cant imagine how bad it is going to be when I reach your age, if I even reach that age…

      I totally agree with you about cards being not so showy, even if there is nothing wrong with the cards, the spectators are most likely going to be suspicious of them since they have most likely never seen those cards before. Funny how most people are comfortable around bicycle rider back decks when those are most likely to be gimmicked/trick decks.

      Im not a huge fan of one way designs as well, unless im doing cardistry/flourishes where the orientation of the card is irrelevant.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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