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What do you do with your old decks!?

Forums Miscellaneous Off Topic What do you do with your old decks!?

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    Aron Prins

    Hey all,

    Im looking at a gross of used cards right now and no real clue what to do with them…

    What do YOU do with our old decks?

    Looking forward to your responses 🙂


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    Daniel Tan

    I give some to my friends.

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    Kelvin S

    If used wise i just let go dirty cheap (really use them just fan, spring and riffle em)

    If like super old decks just put up for display (example: 1970s bicycles, since cant be use)

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    I’ll give them to kids or pull cards to use as duplicates for tricks or practice. I took an old bicycle deck and made them cardistry trainers but using double stick tape. Use 10 cards per packet to make a packet of 5 trainers. I also like practicing throwing cards so I’ll use old cards so i don’t mess up my new ones.

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    Aron Prins

    @lou-deckcollector Thats quite clever actually – might do that myself! hah!

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