How to safely buy and sell on the Collector Playing Cards Marketplace

Our marketplace is reputation based, and we are soon introducing a Reviews system that is publicly available so you KNOW who you are buying from and if they are legit or not.

The following rules apply to sellers:

1. Your marketplace listing requires ORIGINAL photos, preferably with your CPC username alongside them and the date of publishing. All posts with stock product photos are automatically rejected.

2. The deal must be closed through the CPC Marketplace system. Any attempts to close a deal outside the CPC Marketplace should be considered as fraudulent, and when reported will result in an instant ban of your full CPC account.

3. We recommend accepting payments Via PayPal. This should protect both you and the buyer from any fraud happening. Note: CPC accepts no responsibility for failed transactions, claims from either side or packages lost. 

The following rules apply to buyers:

1. Do your own due diligence on both the seller and the item you purchase. Once a deal is sealed and paid for there’s not a lot you can do. As we always like to say: better safe then sorry 🙂

2. Always try to use PayPal, and make sure to use the goods and services rather than friends and family. Yes, could work out a better deal – but you are NOT protected by PayPal!

3. Again. Be. Careful.

Our marketplace is reputation based. Every buyer and/or sellers has a 3 strike limit.

The idea is simple: do we hear your name while we shouldn’t? Strike. Do we hear your name 3 times in a negative way: you’re permanently banned from using the Collector Playing Cards Marketplace.