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Bicycle Rider Back – 6 Pack

At the USPC you can usually buy bricks of cards – 12 decks in a carton box – but sometimes, depending on the brand and current offering, you can buy them in 6 deck cartons. This is an older version of a Rider Back 6 pack! Get This 6 Pack While You Can! It’s not […]

Bicycle Uncut Sheets – From Cincinnati 2008!

I couldn’t believe this find: really good looking (not creased, bent or heavily damaged!) Bicycle Playing Cards Uncut Sheets… FROM CINCINNATI, OHIO! Get This Deck While You Can! Get This Deck While You Can! Uncut playing card sheets are sheets of playing cards that are simply not cut, and pulled from the printer right before […]

Bicycle Rider Back BLUE SEAL + Brick Box

One of the most sought after decks by both magicians and cardists, we’ve found a near complete brick of blue sealed Bicycle Rider Backs from the old Ohio USPCC plant.   Click here to Visit this eBay Auction  Back when I had my internship at Jan Monnikendam’s Magic Shop back in 2005/2006 (Now MagicShop.nl) I […]