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David Blaine Cards – The Full Collection?

Is this the full David Blaine Cards collection? It sure looks like it! This amazing listing comes from eBay and at first glance, it appears to be the complete collection of david blaine playing cards. Get This Collection While You Can! It includes every single david blaine deck, from his original Tally-Ho style Split Spades, […]

David Blaine Stealth Deck

Back in 2012, David Blaine released his first follow up deck to his Split Spades: The White Lions. I remember getting a brick at the time, opening one up and thinking “this is the best deck I’ve ever handled”, SO GOOD! And then… I heard about this red version. Nobody knew anything about it. I’ve […]

David Blaine Split Spades… Bee’s?!

Many years ago a dutch magic shop offered sets of David Blaine playing cards with a twist: they where signed. I immediately ordered 2 sets: one signed normal deck, and one unsigned inverted deck. The auction available via the link below is what I got!   Click here to Visit this eBay Auction   Information […]